Heavy-Duty Lube Filters:

  • Extra-strength spiral core that resists high-pressure surges for long duration activity.
  • Higher efficiency filtering media for extra dirt-holding capacity in harsh environments.
  • Durable vibration-resistant gasket for a positive seal.
  • Built for extended change intervals.
heavy-duty lube filters

Heavy-Duty Fuel Filters:

  • More efficient filtration – durable, leak-proof construction reduces risk of failure during crucial operations.
  • Easier installation – reduces downtime, labor costs and mess associated with changing plastic bowl filters.
  • Designed for operation in extreme conditions.
heavy-duty fuel filters

Heavy-Duty Air Filters:

  • Removes 99.91% of airborne contaminants.
  • Reduces filter changes and labor costs.
  • Increased capacity reduces downtime and service.
  • Reduces engine damage in harsh conditions.
Heavy-Duty Air Filters

Heavy-Duty Cabin Air Filters:

  • Traps most harmful pollutants before they reach your cab interior.
  • Cleaner, healthier passenger cab during long service operations.
  • Provides cleaner air from allergens and extreme dust environments.
Heavy-Duty Cabin Air Filters

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Filters:

  • A long lasting, anti-drainback valve for extended protection against dry starts.
  • Easy-turn low-torque valve.
  • All-metal housings that deliver higher burst and pulse-fatigue strength.
  • High-performance media designed to trap microscopic contaminants.
  • LH 60 synthetic media that delivers high performance and up to 99% efficiency.
Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Filters

Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters:

  • A durable epoxy-coated shell that resists rust and corrosion during extended service.
  • Patented Controlled Release Technology (CRT™) that releases controlled levels of supplemental coolant additive to protect against rust, scale and other build-up.
  • High-efficiency synthetic media designed for extended service levels.
  • All-steel baseplate for durability and strength over extended service levels.
Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters