Preventative Maintenance and Shop Services

Preventative Maintenance

BrenCo NJ will keep your job moving forward with our on-site lube truck. Down time costs money and unexpected down time costs even more, and can potentially cripple a project. BrenCo offers a fully-loaded lube truck to provide preventative maintenance on all makes and models of equipment in the field. BrenCo’s world-class maintenance practice includes sending all fluid and oil samples to ALS Tribology, a globally recognized fluid analysis company.

Inside of an on-site lube truck

Shop Services

BrenCo has a large shop where we perform a wide range of necessary services. Services include:  undercarriage replacement, rubber track replacement, welding and fabrication, reman engine installation, etc.


Field Service

BrenCo offers equipment repair and maintenance field services available whenever you need it, 24/7, should a piece of your equipment require attention.

BrenCo Field Service Truck