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To be the distributor of choice, one that is well regarded by its peers, respected by its competitors, favored by its customers and supported by its employees.

BrenCo Vision
BrenCo Mission


To provide our customers with the best mix of quality products and services, which assist them in maximizing their profits in an ever-changing marketplace.

Full-Service Equipment Sales and Maintenance That Achieves Your Goals

Is your equipment dealership full-service, reliable, and helping drive business?

What if we told you we had equipment that would shorten your job site processes, accelerate operating procedures and handle the toughest challenges in any environment? What if this equipment and service were LESS expensive than the methods you are already employing? At BrenCo, we care about our customers’ satisfaction and making the processes easy and as seamless as possible. As a full-service equipment dealership, it is our goal and our promise to bring our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Completing a job from start to finish can be a costly and intensely time-consuming proposition. The BrenCo team of equipment experts cost-effectively executes service and maintenance that is not only supportive of your business strategy but ultimately turn your equipment and technology budget into a business investment.

With BrenCo at the helm, your equipment and technology will support and accelerate your business strategy, motivate your employees, and create unfailing operating systems designed to deliver returns by realizing your distinctive goals.

How We Do It:

We add value to every customer’s equipment through our industry experience, partnerships, and expertise. We partner with the most ethical and professional of manufacturers, leveraging our total client spend across our global network to imbue our customers’ projects with economies of scale and a caliber of professionalism beyond what they could achieve alone.

Holistic Approach To Communication:

We view our customers as partners and that relationship as a part of an ongoing process. We create a continuous communication plan that will ensure your satisfaction, build relationships, collect relevant data and ultimately shape how we meet your needs.

The process continues when work has begun, equipment is in use, and any on-site needs are assessed. From there, key points continue to be communicated, actions measured and strategies to shape the following potential project’s requirements. The result is an alignment of your on-site equipment operations and your business strategy.

The Bottom Line: Mastermind Your Equipment Management

Clients who partner with us as their full-service equipment dealership are able to transform their equipment from expenditures into returns. Our strategic vision and expertise translate into dollars saved, and quantifiable results. With BrenCo’s service formula, your equipment and technology deliver, year-round.

BrenCo brings to the market a new model full-service equipment dealership. Delivering high-quality products aligned with a commitment to customer care.

Why Work with BrenCo Equipment Supply & Technology?

• Our selection of equipment and replacement products feature hundreds of choices.
• We treat you as if you are our only client – superior customer service is a pillar of BrenCo.
• We will work with you to find the most appropriate and comprehensive solutions to fit your needs.
• We offer competitive pricing.
• We offer the best warranties in the industry on our products.
• We take immense pride in sourcing our products from the United States whenever possible.
• We offer numerous environmentally friendly and/or recyclable products.
• We give back: BrenCo is actively engaged in philanthropy.

For more about BrenCo Equipment Supply & Technology, feel free to call us at 908-369-3340 or send us a note from our Contact Us page.

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