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Built by contractors for contractors, Tenna is an easy-to-use cloud-based asset management platform that monitors all asset classes on one system.

Tenna developed its asset management solutions from first-hand knowledge and experience in the field. Because they understand construction, they developed products to match the needs of the construction industry, and among contractors suffering losses similar to those experienced by their Founders. Tenna facilitates the sharing of critical data for improved visibility, communication and efficiency – helping you manage and capitalize on your assets.

Tenna’s asset management platform spans all asset types from heavy equipment to large vehicles down to tools and inventory for total visibility and comprehensive analysis to help contractors maximize their assets. Through its simple interface, their platform provides relevant and useful asset data that support strategic insights and allow for increased operational efficiencies, cost savings and higher profit margins.

Why Tenna?

With effective solutions for construction uses, Tenna provides a best value IoT asset management solution to contractors seeking to maintain control and affect positive change. Through their product offerings and customer service, Tenna is committed to helping you Find More®.

Product Functionality

Tenna Asset Tracking on Mobile Device

Asset Tracking

Tenna’s Asset Tracking functionality lets you keep important details on all of your assets – from handheld tools to heavy equipment. Skip complicated data-entry with a variety of automated trackers, a simple mobile app, and an intuitive web interface you can use from anywhere. Tenna’s Fleet tracking solution is designed to make tracking all your assets as simple and painless as possible. Use Tenna’s trackers to automate readings, the mobile app to make updates in the field, and their web interface to view everything.

Tenna Fleet Management and Driver Safety Header

Fleet Management and Driver Safety

Tenna’s Fleet Management features let you monitor and manage all the vehicles in your fleet – including passenger, commercial and heavy duty on-road – in a single simple view. Monitor vehicle location, trip information, fuel consumption, pending maintenance needs and completed records, driver safety and assignment, and perform and store Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). Tenna’s combination of trackers, web interface, reporting capabilities and mobile apps give you a complete view of your fleet from anywhere so you can optimize your business performance and focus on bringing value to your customers.

Machinery Asset Tracking - asset management software

Preventive Maintenance, Repair Documentation, Damage Reporting

Tenna’s preventive maintenance tools allow users to maintain their assets before they become damaged and need repair. This helps extend the asset’s lifecycle and protects your investment on costly vehicles and equipment. Maintenance and Monitoring features help users monitor asset usage and telematics data to keep assets properly maintained and optimally performing. Tenna’s combination of autonomous trackers, mobile inspection apps, and web interface gives you a complete view of your equipment status and fleet health from anywhere.

One Platform Solution Tenna asset Management

Tenna Tracking Devices & Tags

Tenna is the one asset tracking partner you need. Their complete range of asset tracking devices for equipment lets you easily manage everything in your fleet, yard or inventory. Select from their autonomous asset trackers that use GPS to transmit data automatically without human interaction. Or choose their Bluetooth asset tags and QR code equipment tracking tags that are ideal for smaller tools or materials. Mix and match to track anything, because they all link to one consolidated asset tracking system – Tenna!

Where Tenna Works



You rely on heavy equipment, attachments and materials being in the right place at the right time to complete projects on schedule. Misplaced, late or non-functioning items can delay work, impact income and damage your reputation. Tenna delivers a clear understanding of your entire inventory with asset software and GPS for construction equipment to show the location, history, hours/miles, maintenance records, cost/value, status and availability. Keep your projects on schedule with the asset inventory management program you need.

Landscaping Industry


When you know where your fleet of trucks or landscaping equipment is, you can operate your business more efficiently and move into your next job with confidence. This means better service, happier customers, more work, and more profit. With asset management technology, you’ll be able to dispatch a complete set of assets for each project, and guarantee you utilize only the landscaping equipment and resources that you need, cutting out wasteful practices and unnecessary spending, and helping you operate cost-effectively.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

When you deploy a rig, it needs to work at full capacity, 24/7. In harsh and often remote environments, your teams must have the right equipment and spare parts readily available. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, Tenna’s innovative asset inventory management tracking software, along with our GPS asset trackers, BLE trackers and QR code inventory tracking, give you and your teams total visibility. Know the location, maintenance records and real-time status of every key piece of machinery and every spare part.

Industrial Businesses

Industrial Businesses

In industrial settings, you need real-time insights about your equipment’s activity and performance to keep your operation running smoothly. Whether its parts, tools, rigs or equipment, Tenna’s asset trackers are designed for tough environments and harsh conditions. Tenna’s inventory tracker devices can collect your asset information, and our asset management software makes it easy to find real-time insights on the productivity of each asset.

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