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SECO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of survey equipment and global positioning system accessories. We are proud to represent this company and are fully confident in the quality of their products. We look forward to providing our customers with SECO surveying equipment, accessories for land surveying, global positioning system, construction, monitoring, and agriculture equipment.

SECO offers a wide variety of accessory products used with surveying instruments, GPS/GNSS, GIS, and construction equipment. SECO products include; Telescopic Poles, SECO Prism Poles, Carrying Cases, Equipment and Stake Carrying Bags, GPS Backpacks, SECO GPS Antenna Poles, SECO Surveying Tripods, Prism Systems for use with EDM (Electronic Distance Meters), Construction Levels, Auto-Levels, SECO Grade Rods for grading and leveling. SECO has a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality. Click the Full Product Brochure below or contact us to learn more.

SECO Aluminum Leveling Rods and Accessories

Aluminum Leveling Rods and Accessories

SECO Survey Bags and Cases

Bags and Cases

SECO Bipods and Tripods

Bipods and Tripods

SECO Claws, Clamps and Brackets

Claws, Clamps, Brackets

SECO Construction Lasers and Detectors

Construction Lasers and Detectors

SECO Fiberglass Rods and Accessories

Fiberglass Rods and Accessories

Flagging Tape, Whiskers, and Nails

Flagging Tape, Whiskers and Nails

SECO GNSS Surveying Accessories

GNSS Surveying Accessories

SECO Hand Levels

Hand Levels

SECO Instrument Clamps

Instrument Clamps

SECO Instrument Tripods

Instrument Tripods

SECO Laser Scanner Accessories

Laser Scanner Accessories

SECO Optical Instruments

Optical Instruments

Prism Pole Accessories

Prism Pole Accessories

SECO Prism Poles

Prism Poles

SECO Robotics Accessories

Robotics Accessories

SECO Safety Vests

Safety Vests

SECO Stream Gauges

Stream Gauges

SECO Tribrachs and Adapters

Tribrachs and Adapters

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