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All Yanmar Tractors are assembled in their state-of-the-art facility in Adairsville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Service and replacement parts are quickly fulfilled from this location to anywhere in North America. Plus, a five-year limited powertrain warranty is standard on all new tractor purchases. Yanmar’s Legendary three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines power the SA Series, so these tractors can work as hard as you do. Comfortable and easy to operate, YT2 Series tractors also pack the horsepower you’d expect from a much larger machine. Your time is valuable and limited. Make the most of it with the most productive compact tractors. No other compact tractor comes with an integrated hydro-mechanical transmission (i-HMT). Contact us to learn more about Yanmar Agriculture equipment.

SA Series

The SA Series is not just a step up from lawn and garden models. They’re multipurpose compact tractors, designed for tough jobs. Yanmar makes all major drivetrain components – the engine, transmission and axles – so they work together perfectly to produce more horsepower that you can use. And the open operator platform provides easy and comfortable access to the controls for users of all skill levels. Conquer your to-do list with 21.5- or 24-horsepower models that provide the versatility you need for any job on your land. Popular for 2 to 25 acres.

YT2 Series

The YT2 Series offers a clean, bold and modern style while maintaining the highly efficient engineering and craftsmanship that have defined Yanmar for more than a century. Simple job or complex dig, our YT2 Series tractors have your back with 34.2-horsepower engines. Popular for 10 to 50 acres.

YT3 Series

No longer do you have to choose between an efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. With the i-HMT, your YT3 Series tractor gives you both. Now your tractor drives more like your automatic transmission car or truck than ever before. Yanmar’s biggest compact tractors, with 46 or 58.9-horsepower, four-cylinder engines, can handle larger tasks on tougher terrain. Popular for 25 or more acres.

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