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Portable Compressors


Mi-T-M’s air compressors are suitable for many applications and provide the dependability customers need day-in and day-out.

Portable Air Compressors

Customers who need their equipment to be portable rely on Mi-T-M. Their portable air compressors come in gas, electric, or diesel power options and offer a variety of tank capacities. These compressors are made to be effective tools for every job.

Commercial Air Compressors

Mi-T-M commercial air compressors are used for a wide range of jobs from inflating tires to powering tools for small commercial properties and construction sites. This high performing line is offered in both gas and electric, as a single or two-stage compressor and from 90 to 175 PSI.

Air Compressor / Generator / Welders

Save space, money, and reduce load capacity with a Mi-T-M combination unit. Customers who are in the field and need a reliable piece of equipment that seamlessly switches between functions need a Mi-T-M combination unit. Service and maintenance also cost less for a machine being powered by a single engine, adding to the benefits of these units.


Air Compressors


Air Compressor Generator Welders


Air Compressor Generators

Mi-T-M offers a large variety of air compressors: Please refer to the full line brochure for the various models available.


Single Stage

Base Mount
Tank Mount
Rotary Screw

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