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Rotair designs and manufactures a wide range of portable compressors and towable compressors. Rotair’s designs are always environmentally friendly and adhere to most of the international standards in terms of quality and processes. It has pride in its design abilities and is known for a number of patents in the industry.

A complete range with modern design and look. These air compressors are super silent and comply with most severe environmental standards across the globe.

BrenCo carries the full line of Rotair towable compressors. Contact us for any questions or products you may not see. 

Rotair D 90

Rotair DK 90 FTG

Rotair D 185

Rotair D185

Rotair D 300

Rotair D300T4F

Rotair DK 425

Rotair D425T4F

Rotair D 800

Rotair D800HC

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