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ICS power cutters let you make deeper, cleaner, and more accurate cuts, in less time. Deeper cuts and square corners mean getting the job done with fewer steps. No more trying to match up cuts from both sides. No more impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding concrete or masonry. No more over-cutting corners. Cut deep. Cut fast. Cut all the way through from one side. Contact us to learn more about how ICS chainsaws can help your business.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

ICS Chainsaw 680ES Saw

680ES Saw

Expert tool at affordable price
Simple to Start

ICS Chainsaw 695XL Saw

695XL Saw

New piston & cylinder
Longer life muffler

Pneumatic Powered Chainsaws

ICS chainsaw

701-A Saw

No fumes
Cuts concrete & ductile

Hydraulic Powered Chainsaws

ICS Chainsaw 890F4 Saw

890F4 Saw

Designed for everyday use
Wide range of cutting depths

ICS Chainsaw 890F4-FL Saw

890F4-FL Saw

Engineered for heavy use
Cuts within 3/16″ of wall

ICS Chainsaw 814PRO Saw

814PRO Saw

Compact size for tight spaces


PowerGrit® Utility Chains

Brazed-layer diamond coating
Durable chain platform

MAX™ Series Chains

Smooth cutting performance
Reduced stretch & increased life

ProFORCE™ Series Chains

Compact size for tight spaces

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