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Walk Behind Saws

Husqvarna flat saws and diamond blades for cutting asphalt and concrete

In walk-behind flat sawing, maximum productivity can only be achieved by a well-balanced formula of power, ergonomics, torque, maneuvrability, and reliability. All factors must collaborate efficiently, so you can get the most out of your working day. It’s about the interplay between you, the machine and the diamond blade as a whole. This is what makes Husqvarna walk behind saws the ideal choice for maximum productivity.

With their complete line-up of top-quality machines, ranging from big, powerful road saws with Tier 4/Stage IIIB compliant diesel engines to small agile flat saws with reliable gasoline engines, we can offer a suitable machine for every job. Contact us to learn more about Husqvarna walk behind saws.

FS 400

11 hp- Up to 18 “ Blade

FS 413

11 hp- Up to 20” Blade

FS 5500

11 hp- Up to 24” Blade

FS 3500

E- 30 hp- Up to 30” Blade

FS 3500

 G- 37 hp- Up to 30” Blade

FS 4600

48 hp- Up to 30” Blade

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