Equipment Attachments

Breaker Hammers


Minimal hydraulic maintenance
Fully dampened and soundproofed
High back-pressure tolerance
Single body, circular shape
Blank firing protection

Easy maintenance and installation
Smart pressure and energy regulation
Long life equipment
Light but powerful


SC6 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

0.7t–1,2 t carrier weight range
65 kg breaker operating weight
12–23 l/min oil flow range


SC8 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

1–1.7 t carrier weight range
90 kg breaker operating weight
15–30 l/min oil flow range


SC12 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

2–2.2 t carrier weight range
110 kg breaker operating weight
17–35 l/min oil flow range


SC16 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

1.5–3.7 t carrier weight range
150 kg breaker operating weight
25–50 l/min oil flow range


SC22 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

2.2–5.3 t carrier weight range
225 kg breaker operating weight
30–65 l/min oil flow range


SC28 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

3–7.5 t carrier weight range
275 kg breaker operating weight
40–75 l/min oil flow range


SC36 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

4–10 t carrier weight range
365 kg breaker operating weight
55–100 l/min oil flow range


SC42 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

4–12 t carrier weight range
445 kg breaker operating weight
70–120 l/min oil flow range


SC50 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

7–12 t carrier weight range
498 kg breaker operating weight
75–125 l/min oil flow range

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