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Hydraulic Breaker Hammers

okada demolition attachments

TOP Series Features


Used to reduce pressure spikes in supply and return lines to protect the carrier hydraulic system. The high-pressure accumulator is field repairable without removing the breaker from its mountings. Breakers under 4000 lbs. do not require accumulators.


Cup seals are utilized to secure the flow in the oil and gas chambers.

Nitrogen gas

Cushions piston on the upstroke, eliminating the need for shock absorbers. Increases the piston down stroke force.


A central grease port with internal grease passage allows you to easily adapt the hammer to most Auto Lube systems.

Working tools

Choice of moil, chisel, blunt and special application tools.

Piston Travel/Long Stroke Design

Travels through one machined piece (no misalignment). The long stroke design reduces shock loads and vibration, which can cause operator fatigue and machine stress. Okada breakers have the highest tolerance to high operational back pressures available without negative operational effects.

Chisel set pin

Heavy dual chisel set pins in many Okada models offer extended service life.

Small Class

okada demolition attachment breaker small

Small Class

okada breaker small skid steer

Middle Class

okada breaker medium

Large Class

okada breaker large

TOP Series Features

Skid-steer loader Universal mount Vertical bracket
Custom engineered single and two-position brackets give excellent results on many popular carriers. We are able to match most manufacturer’s quick coupler requirements.
Universal brackets are mounted on a variety of carrier machines using a slip-fit pin kit. These brackets are recommended for rental applications and users who have multiple carrier machines.
Vertical brackets are the most commonly used mounting method. The upper mount bracket can be used together with quick-coupler systems on a variety of carriers.
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The Silver Clip (SC) series – a full product line made for all kinds of compact carriers – consists of nine models, weighing from 60 to 500 kg for 0.7 to 12 ton machines; there is at least one Silver Clip breaker for every compact carrier in the market. The SC range is very tolerant to back pressure, working with all existing hydraulic systems and their internal pressure regulation. In addition, these breaker hammers are compatible with all quick couplers and meet all adaptation requirements for your carrier.

Minimal hydraulic maintenance
Fully dampened and soundproofed
High back-pressure tolerance
Single body, circular shape
Blank firing protection

Easy maintenance and installation
Smart pressure and energy regulation
Long life equipment
Light but powerful

Montabert sc-6

SC6 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

0.7t–1,2 t carrier weight range
65 kg breaker operating weight
12–23 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-8

SC8 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

1–1.7 t carrier weight range
90 kg breaker operating weight
15–30 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-12

SC12 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

2–2.2 t carrier weight range
110 kg breaker operating weight
17–35 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-16

SC16 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

1.5–3.7 t carrier weight range
150 kg breaker operating weight
25–50 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-22

SC22 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

2.2–5.3 t carrier weight range
225 kg breaker operating weight
30–65 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-28

SC28 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

3–7.5 t carrier weight range
275 kg breaker operating weight
40–75 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-36

SC36 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

4–10 t carrier weight range
365 kg breaker operating weight
55–100 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-42

SC42 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

4–12 t carrier weight range
445 kg breaker operating weight
70–120 l/min oil flow range

Montabert sc-50

SC50 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

7–12 t carrier weight range
498 kg breaker operating weight
75–125 l/min oil flow range

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