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Aquatic Bucket

Aquatic Bucket

General Purpose Bucket

MDG Material Densifiers

Rock Bucket

Skeleton Rock Buckets

Trapezodial Buckets

Twist-O-Wrist Buckets

EGR General Material (Wide Tine) Grapples

CBG Car Body Grapples

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Engine Pullers

Excavator Rakes

Excavator Stumper Rakes

Excavator Thumbs

Forestry Grapples

GY Series Orange Peel Grapples

Hyadraulic Pin Grabber

Magnet Grapples

Manual Pin Grabber Couplers

Power Pick Sorting and Recycling

Orange Peel Grapples

Packer Grapples

Perforated Basket-Sorting Grapples

PES 100 Mobile Shears

Ribbed Basket-Sorting Grapplers

Ripper Shanks

Stick Shears

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  • Aquatic/Ditch Buckets: Ideal for the cleaning of waterways, canals and drainage areas (water vegetation, weeds, etc.).
  • Twist-O-Wrist Buckets: An ideal addition for your excavator. Eases the work of ditching, sloping, grading, back filling, land clearing and clean-up operations.
  • Trapezodial Buckets: Ideal for shaping ditches. Custom built to your exact requirements.
  • Skeleton Rock Buckets: Ideal for sifting larger sized rocks as well as separating various sizes of rip-rap and crushed materials.
  • Rock Bucket: This type of bucket is used when handling stock piles of larger rocks, stones, gravel or rocky type soil. Available in straight lip and spade nose styles.
  • General Bucket: Designed for use in utility work, road building, residential/commercial construction, and general dirt digging in non-rocky areas. Ideal for loading transport trucks with normal earth dirt.
  • MDG Material Densifiers: For processing concrete slabs, pilings, precast poles, RCP pipe, steel encased beams, silos, etc.
  • EGR General Material Grapples: Available in 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 tine configurations. The 2/3 tine configuration is utilized in most heavy applications, such as demolition, rip, rap, C&D and scrap. The 3/4 tine configuration for medium duty applications which include light land clearing, loose material and wood waste. The 4/5 tine grapple for mostly bulk applications such as refuse, household trash and light applications in re-handling.
  • EGR High Volume (Narrow Tine) Grapples: Available in 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, and 7/8 tine configurations. The Narrow Tine General Material Handling Grapple is made for handling bulk loose material. This grapple was designed for stacking, piling, and loading. Its oversized width allows maximum productivity of the excavator and its operator. The flame cut narrow tines are designed for optimal pile penetration.
  • Orange Peel Grapples: 3 models available: 360° Power Rotation, Knock-a-Round, and Fixed (no rotation). Available in 4 & 5 tine configurations.
  • GY Series-1 Orange Peel Grapples: Available in 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 yard capacities. Guarded cylinders.
  • CBG Car Body Grapples: The standard CBG’s have boxed tine construction and are available in 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 tine configurations. These grapples are ideal in applications where placement and stability are critical.
  • Packer Grapples: Ideal for use in Trash Transfer Stations.
  • Magnet grapple: Perfect for removing ferrous metals from scrap, construction & demolition debris, municipal solid waste. Available in 3/4 tine configuration only.
  • Excavator Thumbs: Designed to work with variety of manufacturers’ buckets. Contact us for details regarding thumb teeth meshing with bucket teeth.
  • Ripper Shanks: Excellent for rock, pavement, ice, frozen ground, shale & roots. Other applications consist of stumping and land clearing.
  • Excavator Stumpers: Ideal for land clearing. Remove stumps easily.
  • Excavator Rakes: Ideal in land clearing applications. Long curved teeth maximize capacity.
  • Wood Shears: Ideal in land clearing, down-sizing wood, stumps and wood product.
  • PES 100 Mobile Shears: Used in demolition, scrap yards, recycling centers for ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
  • Engine Puller for Excavators: An economical way to pull engines on salvaged vehicles.
  • Manual Pin Grabber Couplers: Allows the operator to change attachments in minutes. The coupler is installed to the machine with standard factory bucket pins. Additional pins are required on each attachment that is to be picked up and quick-changed. One additional set of pins are supplied with the coupler. The coupler is available in a swing link version and a full pin design as well.
  • Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler: Lower profile translates into less loss of machine performance.
  • Forestry Grapples: For knuckleboom log loaders and for excavators from 15000# – 45000#.
  • Power Picking Sorting and Recycling: Ideal in scrap yards and landfills. Sorts wanted and unwanted materials from roll offs. Separates metals, concrete, carpets, wood, tires, and other recyclables.



Brush Cutters


Hydraulic Breaker Hammers


Log Splitter


Mini Series Thumbs


Plate Compactor



Blue Diamond offers a large variety of Excavation Attachments, Please refer to the full line brochure for the various models available.


Brush Grapple

Brush Rake


Concrete Pulverizer


Hard Rock Bucket


Hard Rock Thumb


Plate Compactor


Quick Coupler




Rotary Compactors


Slash Blade


Wedgebolt Coupler

Kenco offers a large variety of Excavation Attachments, Please refer to the full line brochure for the various models available.

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