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For over 20 years Kenco has designed lifting attachments for project-specific solutions to move heavy boulders, place jersey barrier walls, safely set RCP, DI, plastic pipe and much more.

Every attachment is diligently designed and ruggedly engineered to be the safest and most cost-effective way to handle a difficult task. All lifters are certified and tested before leaving our facility. And as always, every Kenco lifting attachment is made in the USA.

Brenco is a full line Kenco dealer, please refer to the full line brochure for lifting attachments specifications or contact us to learn more.

barrier lift

Barrier Lift

pipe lift

Pipe Lift

rock lift

Rock Lift

mechinical pipe hook

Mechanical Pipe Hook

monunment lifter

Monument Lifter



self leveling pipe hook

Self Leveling Pipe Hook

curb lifter

Curb Lifter

forklift adapter

Forklift Adapter

slab lift

Slab Lift

culvert box lifter

Culvert Box Lifter

super lift

Super Lift

slab crab

Slab Crab

bin block lifter

Bin Block Lifter

dbl barrier lifter

Double Barrier Lifter

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