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Every day thousands of people around the world use Paladin attachments to tackle the toughest jobs in the most demanding environments. From agriculture to mining, Paladin is the name people trust to provide powerful attachments that make their lives easier and more productive. Paladin’s dedication to innovative design and legendary build quality allow our customers to get maximum value with a low overall cost of ownership. This combination is one of the many facets that make Paladin the world leader in powerful attachment tools. For more information on any of the below attachments please visit our Contact Us page.


Bradco has been dedicated to helping customers get more versatility and productivity from skid steer loaders and compact utility tractors since 1964. With more than 50 years of experience, we develop proprietary designs and improve productivity. Our products work hard every day to help our customers get the job done.

bradco mp ss 4-in-1 bucket

Bradco MP SS 4-in-1 Bucket

bradco ss signature series forks

Bradco SS Signature Series Forks

bradco tr ss backhoe 490

Bradco TR/SS Backhoe 490

bale hugger

Bale Hugger

bradco ss rock bucket

Bradco SS Rock Bucket

bradco ss tr backhoe 509b

Bradco SS/TR Backhoe 509B

bradco ss tr backhoe 511b

Bradco SS/TR Backhoe 511B

bradco ss tr backhoe 611b

Bradco SS/TR Backhoe 611B

grapples hardscape

Grapples, Hardscape

jawz grabbing tool 3


land sculptor

Land Sculptor

root rake

Root Rake

silage defacer

Silage Defacer

trenchers model 330

Trenchers, Model 330

trenchers model 612

Trenchers, Model 612

vibrator plow

Trenchers, Model 625

vibrator plow

Vibrator Plow

3511b backhoe

3511B Backhoe

Bradco 365 backhoe attachment

365 Backhoe


CWS is the leading manufacturer of highly engineered attachment products, including tire manipulators, cable reelers, grapples, blades and buckets. CWS specializes in products for the mining, oil & gas, forestry and construction markets and is focused on understanding each of its customers’ unique applications and geological conditions. This approach allows CWS to custom tailor products to specific customer needs and produce solutions that withstand some of the world’s harshest environments.

material handling forks

Material Handling Forks

wood chip u blade

Wood Chip U-Blade


FFC understands the success of your business depends on getting the most out of your equipment. Our attachments are built with quality, reliability and features you can count on. FFC offers a wide variety of attachments that easily handle jobs from agriculture and snow removal to landscaping and road repair.

bale forks

Bale Forks

bale hugger bale squeeze

Bale Hugger/Bale Squeeze

bale spear

Bale Spear

bale hay grapple

Bale/Hay Grapple

box scraper

Box Scraper

ffc ss 4-in-1 construction bucket

FFC SS 4-in-1 Construction Bucket

ffc ss grapples construction

FFC SS Grapples – Construction

ffc ss side discharge bucket

FFC SS Side Discharge Bucket

ffc ss snow blade 114

FFC SS Snow Blade 114

loader boom

Loader Boom

log grapples

Log Grapples

manure forks

Manure Forks

manure push

Manure Push

pallet rail style forks

Pallet Rail Style Forks

pto powerrake pto drive

PTO PowerRake – PTO Drive

snow buckets

Snow Buckets

snow pushes

Snow Pushes

tree scoop

Tree Scoop

utility brush grapple

Utility Brush Grapple

115 series snow blades

115 Series Snow Blades


Harley takes pride in offering contractors tough, rugged landscaping and seedbed prep equipment. Engineered with more than 35 years of operator feedback and outstanding design innovation, Harley has gained a reputation for quality-built products that deliver the results customers require. Harley customers know that a Harley product will live up to their high expectations in the field.

power box rake chain drive

Power Box Rake — Chain Drive


Since 1996, Kodiak Mfg., has been manufacturing quality agricultural attachments at a fair price. From boom poles to soil compactors, Kodiak knows how to design products that work as hard as the people who use them. Based in Ooltewah, Tenn., since 2015, the Kodiak promise is to always provide prompt per­sonal service to all of our customers. When you purchase a Kodiak attachment, you can take pride in knowing it was built in the U.S. by Americans with high standards and a desire to build you the best piece of equipment possible.

boom pole

Boom Pole

Core Plug Aerator

disc harrow

Disc Harrow

economy blades

Economy Blades

fertilizer spreader

Fertilizer Spreader

finish mowers

Finish Mowers

flexwing cutter

FlexWing Cutter

double grapple bucket

Grapple Bucket

heavy duty hd cutters

Heavy-Duty (HD) Cutters

heavy duty blades

Heavy-Duty Blades

heavy duty box scraper

Heavy-Duty Box Scraper

heavy duty landscape rakes

Heavy-Duty Landscape Rakes


Land Levelers

medium duty md cutters

Medium-Duty (MD) Cutters

medium duty blades

Medium-Duty Blades

offset blades

Offset Blades

pallet forks kodiak

Pallet Forks (Kodiak)

post hole digger

Post-Hole Digger

3pt potato plow

Potato Plow

quick hitches

Quick Hitches

rear bale spear

Rear Hay Spear

rock bucket

Rock Bucket

rotary tiller

Rotary Tillers

roundback cutters

Roundback Cutters

soil compactors

Soil Compactors

standard duty cutters lift type

Standard Duty Cutters – Lift Type

standard landscape rakes

Standard Landscape Rakes

trail mover bale spear combo

Trail Mover Bale Spear Combo

trailer mover

Trailer Mover

tree booms

Tree Booms


McMillen imparts quality to every product we build. Craftsmanship is preferred over volume, ensuring that our augers will live up to your expectations and get the job done. Combined with our reputation for outstanding customer service, you can understand why McMillen augers are the industry’s choice for demanding job sites.

augers hdc heavy duty

Augers, HDC Heavy-Duty

augers hdf medium duty

Augers, HDF Medium-Duty

augers hdr rock ripper

Augers, HDR Rock Ripper

augers htf heavy duty

Augers, HTF Heavy-Duty

augers x1475

Augers, X1475

augers x2475

Augers, X2475

augers x3575

Augers, X3575

augers x975

Augers, X975


Sweepster products have been handling the harshest conditions and job sites since 1945. Sweepster is known as the leading manufacturer of quality, durable and innovative self-propelled sweeper and broom attachments and offers a full range of products for construction, landscaping and snow removal.

sweepers 203 204 series cs

Sweepers, 203 & 204 Series, CS

sweepers 221

Sweepers, 221 Series, LA

sweepers 222 225 series mrhl

Sweepers, 222 & 225 Series, MRHL

sweepers ah ch

Sweepers, AH/CH

sweepers hr

Sweepers, HR

sweepers mrh

Sweepers, MRH

sweepers qctl angle

Sweepers, QCTL Angle

sweepers rhfa

Sweepers, RHFA

sweepers rlh

Sweepers, RLH

sweepers rmrm

Sweepers, RMRM

sweepers series 203 204 series vcs

Sweepers, Series 203 & 204 Series, VCS

sweepers tow behind angle

Sweepers, Tow-Behind Angle

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