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Towable Generators

BrenCo is a full line dealer for Generac, please refer to full line brochure. Contact us for any questions or products you may not see.

MMG25IF4 Diesel Generator

Supported by a Tier 4 diesel engine, the MMG25IF4 provides full load power for up to 45.4 hours.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 21 / 26
  • Engine: Isuzu
  • Run Time (full): 42.9 hrs.

MMG35DF4 Diesel Generator

Use the unit’s 3 position selector switch to choose the ideal power output for your mobile power needs.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 29 / 36
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 31 hrs.

MMG45IF4 Diesel Generator

With single or three phase power avialable for prime or standby use, use this model anywhere power is needed.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 38 / 47
  • Engine: Isuzu
  • Run Time (full): 27 hrs.

MMG55DF4 Diesel Generator

Featuring a three position selector for output flexibility, the MMG55DF4 is safe and easy to operate.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 44 / 55
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 23 hrs.

MDG100DF4 Diesel Generator

A Final Tier 4 John Deere engine and single to three-phase selector switch make this generator powerful and versatile.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 80 / 100
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 33 hrs.

MMG130D Diesel Generator

For single and three-phase power needs between 90 and 134kVA, look no further than the MMG130D.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 98 / 122
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 44 hrs.
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