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Residential Pressure Washers and Industrial Pressure Washers

Mi-T-M manufactures a complete line of pressure washers for industrial use and residential use in our 850,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in Peosta, Iowa. The Mi-T-M pressure washer product line includes over 130 models, from hand carry and portable to stationary, direct drive and belt drive, electric, gasoline, diesel and natural gas.

With so many makes and models to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which pressure washer to select.

How to Decide:

Cold Water Pressure Washers vs. Hot Water Pressure Washers

When choosing a pressure washer, your application will play a major factor in whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt on most any surface. Additional accessories like, high pressure nozzles or rotating brushes, work with cold water pressure washers to increase the cleaning power and decrease your cleaning time.

However, if you are cleaning surfaces that have grease or oil on them, hot water is a must. You wouldn’t think of washing your greasy hands with cold water and the same applies to pressure washing. If you operate cold water equipment more than a few hours a week, you should consider the labor savings you could realize by switching to a hot water pressure washer for your industrial power washer needs.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers vs Electric Pressure Washers

Choosing a gas or electric water pressure is completely up to the consumer. There are pros and cons to both. Electric is safe to use indoors because you don’t have harmful fumes, which makes an industrial electric pressure washer very useful for industries like food processing. Electric motors are usually quieter and require less maintenance than a gas engine. Also, with an electric motor you do not have to have gas on hand and you do not need to fight the rising cost of fuel prices. Check with a Mi-T-M dealer to see if industrial electric power washers are right for your job site needs.

With a gas pressure washer you have a couple of different choices when selecting an engine. Also, gas engines don’t require a power cord which in turn allows more portability.

Mi-T-M offers a large variety of pressure washers: Please refer to the full line brochure for the various models available and contact us to learn more.

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Pressure Washers

Hot Water
Cold Water

Hot Water + Electric
Hot Water + Gas

Cold Water + Electric
Cold Water + Gas
Portable Stationary

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Blast Away With Husqvarna Pressure Washers

Husqvarna pressure washers feature a powerful engine and detergent injection. Cleaning your home, driveway, car, deck or grill has never been easier. Contact us today and learn how Husqvarna equipment can meet your needs.

Husqvarna PW3200 3200 PSI, 2.7 GPM

PW3200- 3200 PSI, 2.7 GPM


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Multiquip, a diverse manufacturer and supplier of world class quality industrial products and solutions, is an established and proven company, well positioned for steady, long-term growth and committed to investing and maintaining high quality, reliable products, and pumps. Click below to view available pumps.

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The right pump for every job site: click below for everything you need to know about Wacker Neuson centrifugal, diaphragm, submersible & trash pumps!

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Mi-T-M Semi-Trash water pumps are designed to effectively move high-volumes of trash water from any jobsite. The high-strength construction of these pumps makes them extremely durable, regardless of the strenuous nature of the work customers throw at them. Mi-T-M has invested in the strongest materials to build these water pumps, ensuring they’ll perform for customers even under the harshest of conditions and last for years to come.

Mi-T-M Semi-Trash water pumps

Water Pumps

Mi-T-M offers a variety of pumps: 2 and 3 inch semi-trash and 3 and 4 inch trash pumps. Please refer to the full line brochure for the various models available.

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