Heavy-Duty Filters

Heavy-Duty Filtration Products

Luber-finer® provides premium filtration solutions for fleets operating vehicles on-highway as well as for off-road applications such as heavy construction, mining, agriculture, the oil and gas industry, and marine. Oil is the lifeblood of the heavy-duty engine. Luber-finer® high-efficiency oil filters provide protection from oil contaminants to help ensure optimal performance. Efficient filtration can reduce wear, guard against system failure and promote maximum equipment performance and uptime. Contact us to learn how Lube-finer filters can help your business.

Heavy-Duty Lube Filters:

  • Extra-strength spiral core that resists high-pressure surges for long duration activity.
  • Higher efficiency filtering media for extra dirt-holding capacity in harsh environments.
  • Durable vibration-resistant gasket for a positive seal.
  • Built for extended change intervals.
heavy-duty lube filters

Heavy-Duty Fuel Filters:

  • More efficient filtration – durable, leak-proof construction reduces risk of failure during crucial operations.
  • Easier installation – reduces downtime, labor costs and mess associated with changing plastic bowl filters.
  • Designed for operation in extreme conditions.
heavy-duty fuel filters

Heavy-Duty Air Filters:

  • Removes 99.91% of airborne contaminants.
  • Reduces filter changes and labor costs.
  • Increased capacity reduces downtime and service.
  • Reduces engine damage in harsh conditions.
Heavy-Duty Air Filters

Heavy-Duty Cabin Air Filters:

  • Traps most harmful pollutants before they reach your cab interior.
  • Cleaner, healthier passenger cab during long service operations.
  • Provides cleaner air from allergens and extreme dust environments.
Heavy-Duty Cabin Air Filters

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Filters:

  • A long lasting, anti-drainback valve for extended protection against dry starts.
  • Easy-turn low-torque valve.
  • All-metal housings that deliver higher burst and pulse-fatigue strength.
  • High-performance media designed to trap microscopic contaminants.
  • LH 60 synthetic media that delivers high performance and up to 99% efficiency.
Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Filters

Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters:

  • A durable epoxy-coated shell that resists rust and corrosion during extended service.
  • Patented Controlled Release Technology (CRT™) that releases controlled levels of supplemental coolant additive to protect against rust, scale and other build-up.
  • High-efficiency synthetic media designed for extended service levels.
  • All-steel baseplate for durability and strength over extended service levels.
Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters
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