Fluid Oil Lubricants

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YANMAR recommends using only approved fluid oil lubricants for the continued running of your machine. Each YANMAR authorized fluid is tested again and again for maximum quality and high purity. Off-brand products can damage or wear out engine components over time, causing dangerous buildup and eventually, total failure. YANMAR approved fluids have the power and quality you demand. Contact us to learn more.

Genuine Fluids

  • YANMAR Antifreeze / Coolant (Gallon)
  • YANMAR Idler / Roller Oil (Quart)
  • YANMAR Hydraulic Fluid (5 Gallon)
  • YANMAR Hydraulic Trans Fluid (2 Gallon)
  • 40030
  • 40030DRUM
  • 41540 (41540DRUM and 41540G also available)
  • 50540
  • YG30R (YG30RDRUM also available)
  • YGHF46
  • YGTF500-2
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Protection, performance and care are packed into every red bottle of Kendall® Motor Oil. From their GT-1® automotive line and heavy-duty products, to our greases and hydraulic fluids, every Kendall product is specifically designed to provide your engines and machinery with the best of our science for better performance.

Kendall®’s premium hydraulic fluids are formulated to provide excellent oxidation resistance, wear protection, protection against rust and corrosion, and resistance to foaming. With carefully balanced frictional properties, each product is formulated to ensure efficient operation of every hydraulic system.

Motor and Hydraulic Oil and Grease
for On-Road and Off-Road

  • Case
  • Drum
  • Bulk
Prestone Logo

Prestone® has been the trusted name for exceptional vehicle protection for over 90 years. Since 1927, when they pioneered automobile antifreeze/coolant, Prestone® has helped people defy the damaging effects that time and harsh weather conditions can have on their vehicles. Particularly with increasingly complex modern automobiles, they are committed to engineering the right product for each person’s need. Contact us to learn more.

DEF – Antifreeze – Washer Fluid

  • Bottle
  • Case
  • Skid
  • Bulk
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