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Over the past year, BrenCo has helped numerous clients with machine control solutions making their land surveying and measurements as precise as possible. We are proud to represent Leica Geosystems simplified and connected solutions for increasing staff productivity on site and unifying design data for seamless workflows. Leica Geosystems’ machine control systems have been essential to keeping margin gains and generating profits for our clients. Keep reading to learn about our job sites where Leica Geosystems has increased profitability and productivity.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Equipment in Use: Leica iCON iGD4SP – 3D System

For this job site, we were tasked with providing the contractor with a machine grading solution. The Leica iCON iGD4SP grading system revolutionized the way they moved dirt and fine-graded. It not only boosted their productivity, it also offered unmatched flexibility. This 3D grading system provides maximum speed, precision, and flexibility to run this dozer to the fullest extent of it’s capabilities. Exact calculation of blade tilt and angle allows this dozer to move dirt from pass to pass precisely where you want and you will finish your jobs quicker with less rework.

leica geosystems machine control grading solutions
Leica Geosystems 50 Hudson Yards Total Station

Location: Manhattan, New York

Equipment in Use: Leica Geosystems Total Stations

This is a shot from the 50 Hudson Yards project where we were charged with calibrating Leica Geosystems TS-16 total stations and MS60 multi-stations to ensure that the layout of the job site was precise as possible. Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target. Regardless of how challenging the task or the amount of distractions in the field, this total station exceeds your expectations.

BrenCo is the region’s premier provider of geosystem, grade control and survey technology. Our consultation services will help to reduce considerable time from your Technology Implementation Strategy, quickly making your business more successful in today’s competitive markets. Click the button below to view our full machine control portfolio.

Machine control solutions for your entire fleet:

  • Eliminate over excavation and costly material overruns
  • Improve site safety removing the need for grade checkers to enter the earthworks area
  • Increases machine productivity by reducing dependency on-site survey teams
  • Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface reduces training time and costs
  • Reduced rework and increased productivity all add up to substantial fuel savings and reduced machine hours
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